Eva Gonggrijp | multi-disciplinary artist | lives and works in Amsterdam
1989 | Erasmus grant
1990 | Royal Academy of Art [The Hague]
2000 | Master Multimedia [Amsterdam]

Coming from a fine art department were I studied painting and printmaking, the element of interaction became more important. I discovered the power of exchange through multimedia installations and immersive experiences, like  VR, in an attempt to share the unsharable, by challenging space and time.

co-curator Boekie Woekie & Friends | Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam [2024]
organiser G.O.A.T, the commune | with writer Arnon Grunberg as spiritual leader
co-curator KadS 2021 | Vondelpark edition | Soledad Senlle Art Foundation | Amsterdam
board member Arti et Amicitiae | Amsterdam
team member | airWG residence | Amsterdam
co-initiator and curator festival  ‘Let it keep secrets’ | Michael Gibbs | 2016 [Amsterdam]
holder of Michael Gibbs archive
director, scriptwriter and sound-designer video and theatre productions
member advisory committee WG Kunst [Amsterdam]

member admission committee Arti et Amicitiae [Amsterdam]
webdesigner/ copywriter Art, Design and Fashion
board member of Grafisch Werkcentrum [Amsterdam]
member admission committee KZOD and Kunstlijn [Haarlem]
founder/coordinator and board member Medi@Haarlem / Grafisch Atelier Haarlem
art teacher multiple institutes and schools [Netherlands, France]
translator English-Dutch, Art, Fashion & Architecture
initiator pilotproject LOS | Leven Op Straat | homepage for the homeless
in cooperation with Michael Gibbs & Release Haarlem [1999]
Art-teacher |multiple schools and cultural Institutes

EXHIBITIONS [selection]
Ludwig Museum [Budapest] | EYE filmmuseum [Amsterdam] Vondel CS [Amsterdam] Soledad Senlle Art Foundation [Amsterdam] H401 [Amsterdam] BoekieWoekie [Amsterdam] Punt WG [Amsterdam] Mediamatic [Amsterdam] Vleeshal [Haarlem] Gemeente Museum [Den Haag] Vishal [Haarlem] Arti et Amicitae [Amsterdam] Gebouw Noord-Holland [Haarlem] Grafiekmuseum [Breda] Jan en Piet Museum [Haarlem] Frans Hals Museum [Haarlem] Grafisch Atelier [Alkmaar] SBK [Zwolle] Lab111 [Amsterdam] Haagweg [Leiden]