Let it keep secrets | Michael Gibbs

Eva Gonggrijp &  Gerrit Jan de Rook initiated  a series of exhibitions about the early works of Michael Gibbs [1949-2009]
Soledad Senlle Art Foundation supported the initiative as organizing partner and hosted the main exhibition. Many partners followed, bringing different themes and aspects  to the surface.

Venues and curators
Soledad Senlle Art Foundation: Gerrit Jan de Rook and Eva Gonggrijp
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: Britte Sloothaak
De Appel arts centre: Nell Donkers
WG Kunst Artist Space and Studio Michael Gibbs: Eva Gonggrijp
Boekie Woekie: Jan Voss
Rietveld Academie and OBA: Gerrit Jan de Rook

Michael Gibbs
For many years the work and archive of Michael Gibbs was researched by artist and critic Gerrit Jan de Rook. His efforts lead to the due release of the publication Michael Gibbs -All or nothing and other pages: a shared achievement of initiator Andrew Wilson, senior curator at Tate Modern, Jan Voss, owner of Boekiewoekie and many authors.

The generated interest in the rich archive and authentic material led to the opportunity to create a festival around Michael Gibbs’ work and approach. The fluid and social ways he used to make art, write about it and initiate collaborations inspired Eva, holder of  Gibbs works, and Gerrit Jan to open up the archive. To share the cultural heritage and to inspire and commission current interpretations, works and presentations.

As a result of this manifestation the whole M.G. archive (until 1984) moved to ISLAA in New York for research and exhibitions.


performance | Peter Baren – concept with voice M.G. | Eva Gonggrijp

studio Eva Gonggrijp | works Michael Gibbs 

David Gibbs
Doyoun Park
Ivan Cheng
Lot Meijers
Mariana Darvas Lanari
Nina Glockner
Noëlle Cuppens
Peter Baren
Rose Akras
students Beeld & Taal, Rietveld Academy

Small Talks
Harry Ruhé | expert
Raul Marroquin | artist

Marga van Mechelen | art historian
Cees de Boer | art historian

‘Let it keep secrets’ has been made possible with grants from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, the Mondriaan Fund and Soledad Senlle.


performance party | Ivan Cheng | studio Eva Gonggrijp | 2016