Room 02 | #SHIFT

VR Drone project| InAir Drone festival | Avro/Tros 2018 | DUO LIFT
Eva Gonggrijp – concept & direction | Lodewijk Luijt- technical support

Rapunzel revisited. From a site specific pont of view to unknown destinations. During a short period of their residence in the tower room of Vondel CS,  the art of transition was explored at depth in order to escape.

Gonggrijp shared her childhood fantasies with the spectator; to become invisible and to travel in a flying bed. This resulted in a VR  installation. Visitors could  experience their own ‘flight’ out of the building with the bed and a headset during the festival. The site-specific element enlarges the experience, because the brain will place this in the here-and-now.

The proces was monitored daily by NPO4 through Opium Radio and screened by NPO1 TV.

Video Drone Talk