Ludwig Museum Budapest
SmallerWorlds, Diorama in contemporary Art
14.10.22| 15.01.23

On entre| immersive installation 2018-22

Is it a spectacle, a scientific illustration, a children’s toy or a therapeutic tool? Originally conceived as a sophisticated, painterly light show at the interface of art and entertainment, dioramas have been a favourite visual aid in natural history museums since the early 20th century. This form of presentation, combining painting techniques, scenic solutions and optical illusion, is intended to illustrate a scientific or anthropological result or theory to the public in a delimited box space, creating the illusion of reality, as an immersive installation. The diorama appears in all artistic forms, yet it is a rarely discussed concept.

This is the first exhibition of its kind in Hungary to present the field as a fine art genre on this scale, with artists from Hungary, the USA, England, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, and Trinidad, making the Ludwig Museum a pioneer in the artistic-psychological-philosophical presentation of the genre.

Curators: Jan ELANTKOWSKI, Zsuzska PETRÓ
Concept: Zsuzska PETRÓ


ALBERT Ádám | BABOS Zsili Bertalan | BP. SZABÓ György | Alexandra CROUWERS | Mark DION | Nathalie DJURBERG & Hans BERG | Daniel ERNST | Janie GEISER | GOMBOS Andrea | Eva GONGGRIJP | GWIZDALA Dáriusz | ICKO Dávid | KARÁCSONYI László | Tomasz KULKA | OVÉ PICTURES (Veronika OBERTOVÁ & Michaela ČOPÍKOVÁ) | PISTA HORROR | Curtis Talwst SANTIAGO | Wieland SCHÖNFELDER | Tracey SNELLING | SZABÓ Eszter | SZAUDER Dávid | SZÖLLŐSI Géza | TRANKER Kata | UJHÁZI Péter

Funded by Soledad Senlle ArtFoundation , WeMake`VR & Mondriaan Fonds